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I recently had problems with my laptop. I decided to try Chris at Broom It. Boy was i impressed. Not only did he speed up my laptop, he found 29 viruses on my computer not counting all the malware. Don't be fooled that just because you have virus protection doesn't mean you don't have a virus. They can get in the back door and disable your anti virus like they did to mine. Not only was i impressed by the quality of work, I was equally impressed with the prices. So impressed that i sent my wife's laptop in to get the same treatment. I strongly recommend Broom It to sweep away all your problems. Thanks again Chris.

Richard L.

Nepean, Ontario  

Thank you Mr. Christopher Broom of Broom IT for having fixed my computer which was an absolute mess... Due mostly to me. And he just snapped his fingers, did all the right things, and now I've got a computer that truly works and I feel very safe using it now and it's not gonna be bugable.

Bonar C.

Ottawa, Ontario  

Hi my name is Vince and I'm here to share with you our experience with Broom IT. A little while ago we had a serious crash on our computer and the hardrive was completely demolished. We didn't know what to do so we got Broom IT's name and he got to help us. He actually backed everything up so we didn't lose any of our files. Then he reloaded the operating system, put all the files back on, and did another backup to ensure that if that happened again we would have a backup of it. All in all it was a wonderful experience.

Vince P.

Ottawa, Ontario  

I had a nightmare on my hands when my laptop kept shutting down on me. I thought it was broken. My laptop is essential for my business and I was lucky enough to have found Chris from Broom it. Not only was he quick to fix the problem but it turns out all it was were some fans were clogged with dust. Cleaning that and a simple thing called a laptop cooler pad fixed everything! I was expecting a huge price tag and to my surprise fixing my laptop was pretty cheap. A lot cheaper than any other stores i've had to go to in the past.

Rossitta P.
Owner of Forever Fit Ottawa
Manotick, Ontario  

Mr Broom now only fixed my cptr but also found a virus that was causing my cptr to shut down (blue screen,etc)

I previously brought my cptr to 2 well know places in the city... sadly they were not unable to found/fix the virus but Mr Broom did an impeccable job and provided a courteous service and most of all - he is extremely dedicated about his work (computer skills and knowledge) and will do the best possible job to fix any cptrs laptops etc for his clients.

Mr Broom is definitely the cptr guy from now on in our family and w/o doubt should be for many families. With this said, I strongly recommend Mr Broom - pls do not hesitate to call him ... if you any issues w/ yr cptr, laptops, etc.

Thank you Chris and best of luck in your business!

Dan R.

Ottawa, Ontario  

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the excellent service that you provided regarding my laptop. It is running better and I am definately very pleased with the work you did.

I am looking forward to taking a few of your teaching classes come fall.

Marilyn C.

Nepean, Ontario  

Broomit services has not only amazing customer service, but it is also insanely cheap. My laptop was assessed and fixed at an amazingly low cost and I was completely informed as to what the problem was. It is faster than ever before at an unbeatable price and I am even more knowledgeable about my laptop, for any future problems I may encounter. Thanks again Chris from Broomit!

Joe L.

Nepean, Ontario  

Chris, I am very satisfied with the work you did on my computer. I had taken it to Future shop a couple of times to get the problem fixed prior to bringing it to you. They did nothing to correct the problems.


Gord Pope

Nepean, Ontario  

Chris - Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the information you shared with me explaining why my computer was running the way it was. Most importantly you fixed the problem, but you also explained why. I appreciated the different options for service such as, "On-site", "Drop-off" or "Remote Access" and I can see how each option can benefit different situations and/or timelines. You were punctual, knowledgeable and professional. I wish you much success as you continue to build your IT Services business.

Rob Fournier
Business Owner
Nepean, Ontario  

At the start of final exams in my third year of university, I accidentally dropped a cup of water on my laptop. It shut off, and would not turn back on - the motherboard was fried. In this stressful time, I called Chris from Broom IT and he backed my all of my files on a disk and external hard-drive. Thanks to him, I was able to transfer all of my files onto a new computer within 3 days of calling him.

Chris gets the job done in a reasonable amount of time for a great price. I would definitely recommended his services!

Thanks for everything. I did well on my exams thanks to you!

Thanks Chris!

Mike L

Nepean, Ontario